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Why are Prebiotics Good for Babies & Kids?

Our guts are swarming with bacteria and the good bacteria are called probiotics which are beneficial to a child’s gut health. These good bacteria help to boost child’s immune system, protect against infections and promote healthy barrier against germs and viruses.

What makes these important for parents to know more?

Probiotics are known as the good bacteria. It is not naturally found in food but some foods are made of live culture as part of their processing. Prebiotics on the other hand are non-digestible food ingredients that are linked to the promotion of growth of good bacteria in the gut. They help to nourish good bacteria like Lactobacillus (found in yogurt) that help to populate the gut with healthy microbes, help in strengthen immune system and ease tummy troubles. Prebiotics naturally occur in certain foods like banana, onions, garlic, asparagus and whole wheat. Breast milk is found to contain both probiotics and prebiotics.

Added prebiotics in our Rice Porridge Series help to deliver much needed fiber. Studies show that prebiotics can be beneficial for infants by promoting growth of healthy gut bacteria for good digestive system, supporting immune system and stimulate bowel movements and softer stools..

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