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6+ Months old

Solid food journey is an exciting journey, offer your baby the real foods start from liquid to mash and solid texture. At this stage, offer one food at a time and other variety the next time. For eg. Offer Natufoodies Organic Multigrain Rice Cereal for one week and follow by Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Flavour on the next week.  This practice helps to monitor if baby have any allergy reaction towards the food as well explore new flavours and texture at different stage.

8+ Months old

This is the stage where baby ready to accept solid texture with varieties of fruits and vegetables. Best thing about our rice puffs are fine in texture , easily melt in the mouth and nutritious with vitamins & minerals. It is safe and best choice for baby consumption without have to worry about chocking hazard.

12+ Months old

Times is fast, little one has now grown up so much. At this stage, baby is ready to accept harder texture like biscuits or puffs in bigger in shapes. Remember not to offer adult’s biscuits to little one, as their body system is yet fully develop and is too burden for Foods with artificial flavours , high salt and sugar content.   

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