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Starting a baby’s solid food journey is an exciting milestone as well as an adventure for parents. Besides the mess or the food wars that your baby may create. At the same time, it comes with a lot of concern and questions in mind about ‘what can I feed my baby?’ ; ‘how do I know if my baby have food allergies?’

Here are tips to help identify and avoid food allergies.

  • Introduce new food to your baby gradually, one at a time. If your baby is given 2 or more new foods on the same day and develop an allergic reaction, you may not be able to identify what caused the allergic reaction.
  • Each time you introduce new food to your baby, wait 3-5 days before introducing new additions to the food menu. 
  • Ensure utensils are clean and without contamination from other foods that may cause allergies.
  • Read food labels carefully.

Top Allergenic Foods

Food Allergy Symptoms

Hives or Rashes

Face, tongue or lip swelling

Coughing or wheezing

Difficulty breathing

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