Manufacturing Profile

First industry expertise in extruded rice puff, rice porridge, rice crackers for babies and toddlers’ products in Malaysia.
We provide one stop OEM/ODM services to clients from processing to finished product.
Cover all stages of child development from 6 months old and above.

We launched our brand in 2016 as one of the pioneers for natural baby foods in Malaysia.

Natufoodies strives to provide an all natural, delicious and nutritious food for your babies to help nurture their growth without having to worry about food quality. We want to promote healthy eating habits as well as providing all the necessary nutrition for your little ones.

Babies can start their solid food journey as early as their 6 months young. We will be there every step of the way with our tasty snacks that builds motor skills, allowing your little ones to feed themselves (with adult supervision of course), as well as providing vital nutrition to them.


When Sun Beans is established. Expert manufacturing in peanuts and savory snacks. A new concept of showing content in your web page with more interactive way.


Cooling water production line. Medical license holder by Malaysia National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPRA).


Import and distribution of raw materials from Canada, Australia, India to local manufacturers.


New production line for Baby & Toddler's Product.


New plant certified with international certification - ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP, Halal


Establish a marketing company for baby & toddler's product (Origins Food Industries Sdn. Bhd.)


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